Payments made simple.

Savvi™ is a remote payments platform enabling sales and customer success teams to take payments over the phone, email and other apps, in a fast, simple and secure way.


Instant confirmation of payment success

A better experience and happier customers

Simplify PCI and GDPR processes

Deploy to your whole team in minutes

Integrate with Stripe, a PCI Level 1 processor

Track performance metrics and trends

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A blazing fast, seamless experience.

Payment requested

Create a payment request in a few seconds and send it to your customer via a Savvi SMS, email or other messaging channel like whatsapp.


Payment completed

Your customer opens the Savvi link on any smartphone, and can complete the transaction in seconds. No need to download another app.

Payment reconciled

Reconcile payments in real-time with advanced integrations, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining sales and finance operations.


Fully integrated.

Savvi brings new functionality to Stripe users. Connect your account and enable your team to start taking payments in minutes. Savvi can be accessed from any browser-enabled desktop or mobile device.

Discover how Savvi can improve your customer's experience and boost team productivity and performance.

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Distance selling, made simple.