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Reconcile payments in real-time with integrations, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining sales and finance operations.


"Customers are happier as they get sorted faster"

We were looking for a simple way for our agents to take instant PCI compliant payments over the phone that worked well with existing systems and processes and that could also be easily reconciled by our finance team. We are growing very quickly, and we are able to get new teammates successfully setup on Savvi in a few minutes. My team are very happy with the service, and using Savvi has reduced call handling time significantly - so our customers are also happier as they get sorted faster.

Jenny Cole, Head of Customer Service
Community Fibre, UK

"Savvi has made securing our bookings so much easier"

Savvi has made securing our bookings so much easier. We know groups are pre paid so it takes away the worry of whether people will show up for the activity especially when it is rainy, traditionally a rainy day would turn people off and they might cancel or just not turn up. But we have not had this happen since we started using Savvi. It is very easy to use and our customers have found it very straight forward. The Savvi team have been great to work with and have given loads of advice and help along the way.

Patrick McCormack, Owner
Pure Adventure, Ireland

"Savvi simplified the payment process enormously"

Our membership database was in a state of disarray. Many members didn't want to use PayPal and some members are not technically proficient. We trialled Savvi with some Senior Citizens, some techie members and some "ordinary" members. The feedback from the sample group was so encouraging we decided to adopt Savvi as a method of payment for our members. All in all, Savvi has been a success for us and has simplified the payment process enormously.

Valerie Gliffe, Website and CRM Project
Humanist Association of Ireland

"I chose Savvi for the ease of setup and ease of use"

I chose Savvi for the ease of setup and ease of use, and later on I discovered the great customer support. Savvi has helped me by giving my customers an easy mode of payment, especially during the lockdown and less use of cash for payments.

Zo, Owner
Spicebox, France

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